Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance & Control

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At Forbes Bros, Quality is a priority, with our Quality Assurance team ensuring a high standard of work is completed that meets industry specifications and client requirements. Forbes Bros designs project specific Quality Control & Assurance plans incorporating all Client-specific requirements that include Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs), inspection forms, quality assurance documentation submission schedules and quality audits. Forbes Bros Project quality plans includes industry & regulatory standards for design requirements, material specifications, construction quality and follow-up review. Quality is a proactive and collaborative process, with careful upfront planning followed by trained qualified field personnel completing quality checks in real time during construction for optimal efficiency. The Forbes Bros Quality Management System has been designed in reference to ISO 9001 (2015) standards.

Material Management

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Forbes Bros recognizes the importance of expert material management to ensure on time and on budget completion of projects. Our staff of professional material managers provides invaluable assistance to our construction and project managers by providing detailed constructability reports and real-time inventories all designed to keep our crews building and the project on schedule.