Bruenning’s Breeze Wind Farm

Project Summary


IEA – Renewables


Raymondville, Texas USA


281,000 Linear Feet


15kV / 35kV

Cable Configuration

35kV Triplex

Turbine Types

Acciona AW125/3000 3MW units

Completion Period

June 2017 - October 2017

Project Sector



The Project is a 228MW windfarm located in Willacy County, Texas, near San Perlita. The project consists of seventy six (76) AW125/3000 Acciona wind turbines 3 MW each. The project is comprised of approximately 17,100 acres of land. Project scope is procurement and installation of 281,000 linear feet of 35 kV underground cable in a tri-bundled configuration along with a 12 count single mode fiber optic cable and 7#7 Copperweld collection system ground. 10 circuits total. Installation and testing of 76, 3500 KVA pad mount transformers. 35 kV terminations inside transformers along with 35 kV direct bury splicing. 15 kV terminations on the low side of the transformers and inside the wind turbine switch. Met tower power and fiber optic connections. 5,000 feet of 8” and 10” boring for 35 kV cables. VLF testing of all 35 kV and 15 kV circuits. Collection system switching and circuit energizations.


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  • Responsible for offload and installation of owner provided
  • Worked closely with land owners as to not disturb cotton and sugar cane harvesting.
  • Minimized impact of right of ways to decrease crop damage.
  • Worked with the owner to manage their 35 kV cable to ensure there will not be any cable shortages towards the end of the project.
  • Incurred multiple highway, and pipeline crossings.
  • Over seven hundred 35 kV and 15 kV terminations.
  • Over two thousand fiber optic terminations.